Top 5 Reasons Buy a Cottage in Manitoba

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Have you been dreaming about owning a cottage/cabin?  Most people have especially if you are from Manitoba, the province of 100,000 lakes, that’s right you heard me correctly. Look no further I am here to help. Whatever real estate myths you have heard about owning a second property, you only need 5% down, which is […]

Seniors Making a Move

Lisa Adams Real Estate Spring is a great time to be Moving

Spring Time is a great time of year to be moving but is it the right time for you? I’m sure there are a lot of thoughts going through your head and it can be an overwhelming time. Let me guide you through the process of having an exit strategy. 1. Do I put my […]

Spring is Coming!!

Lisa Adams Real Estate Spring is coming

Spring is coming thank goodness and what a year is a understatement. Things haven’t been all bad especially in the real estate world. The

Clean Up Organize and Purge

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Welcome all Home Owners this a Spring not many people will ever forget. With that said Everything has is a Beginning, a Middle and an End. So if you are wanting to move and put your house on the Market  here are some Steps you can do to prepare you to SELL!!! (1)  CLEANING is […]